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2023 Skoda Octavia 1.0 Mild Hybrid (CAT A) Review Singapore

The 2023 Skoda Octavia Mild Hybrid 1.0 tsi e-TEC Style is the new CAT A friendly version of the Skoda Octavia and runs a 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine with a mild hybrid system, promoting even better fuel economy than before and features a touch screen infotainment unit, multi zone climate control, along with LED Matrix headlamps amongst other features.

Well Packaged

Over the last couple of years, the Skoda Octavia has been raising its profile in Singapore. What was once a little bit of a forgotten option is now a commonly seen and easily recognisable car in Singapore. Thanks to the continuous efforts over at Skoda to consistently update and improve the car, the Skoda Octavia is a firm contender when it comes to entry level sedans. With the latest 1.0 litre variant that sits comfortably within Category A COE, the Octavia is now set to appeal to an even wider audience than before.

Unlike many of its competitors, who offer entry segment sedans with clear compromises in space and comfort, the Skoda Octavia offers users class leading amounts of space. When you pop open the boot, there is 600 litres of boot space at your disposal, giving the car class leading hauling capabilities. The application of a lift back mechanism on the boot also ensures a wide loading aperture, further emphasising the practicality traits of the Octavia.

When you look at the cavernous boot of the Octavia, it's quite easy to assume that rear passenger legroom has been compromised to make way for a larger boot, but you'll find this to be untrue. Hop into the back seat and you'll find that space is generous - so much so that you'd be forgiven for thinking you've just hopped into a mid sized sedan.

Composed & Refined

In keeping with the times, Skoda have fitted the new Octavia with a 1.0 litre, turbocharged 3 cylinder that makes just 109 bhp and 200Nm of torque on paper. This is paired with a mild hybrid system as well for better fuel economy. Despite its uninspiring numbers, the Octavia feels much livelier in reality, and delivers the kind of performance you would come to expect from a 1.5 or 1.6 litre engine found in other similarly sized options.

Another impressive trait of the Octavia is the refinement of its 3 cylinder power plant. While the engine is also applied on other VAG cars like the Skoda Scala and Volkswagen T-Cross, the Octavia's application feels a little different. Perhaps down to different gearing, the Octavia feels more meaty to drive, and pulls with all the purpose of a larger sedan. Combined with the fact that the Octavia possess good front - rear balance , these characteristics mean that the Octavia is just at home putting down long shifts on the expressway as it is skipping between traffic lights in town.

Superb Value for Money

While not particularly luxurious, the Skoda Octavia is a car that is very well built for its price, and features a distinct design language throughout the Skoda brand. While the drivetrain has been inherited through its VAG parentage, much of the switchgear and interior panelling looks different and feels different. This means that the Octavia feels quite unique and doesn't just feel like a rebadged VW - that's value for the consumer, even if it is more a case of managed perceptions rather than fact.

Another important point of consideration is of course the Octavia's drivetrain, which is excellent for the segment it sits in. While there are Japanese and Korean options that are probably cheaper to buy, they aren't particularly enjoyable to drive. On the flip side, the Octavia delivers much livelier driving dynamics and excellent fuel economy, thanks to its dual clutch transmission and mild hybrid technology. Save for a few dead spots in the Octavia's torque band (a common occurrence in 3 cylinder engines), the 7 speed dual clutch is an intuitive transmission that always seems to find the right gear to be in.

Who Will it Appeal to?

Due to the Octavia's attractive price point and the value derived from the car's build quality, overall styling, and well rounded driving dynamics, the car is likely to appeal to two groups of people. The first group would be upgraders from Japanese and Korean males who can make sense of the slight premium to be paid on the Octavia and the value it brings. Second would be consumers who no longer feel the need to invest in the premiums paid for entry level premium luxury sedans like the 2 series Gran Coupé, the A-Class Saloon, or an A3 sedan.


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