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2023 KIA EV6 Electric Singapore Review - GT Line

The KIA EV6 GT Line is the flagship car in KIA's range of electric vehicles, and is based on the electric global modular platform, which it shares with the Hyundai Ioniq 5. Equipped with dual motors and a 77.4 kWh battery pack, the EV6 is equipped with all wheel drive and boasts a long range of up to 506km. The EV6 comes with a high tech interior that contains features such as a rotary gear selector, wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, relaxion seats, ambient lighting, and ventilated seats. The KIA EV6 is also available in a single motor standard range variant.

An Incredibly Good Looking Car

When initial pictures of the EV6 were released to the world, people were quick to notice how good looking the EV6 was. There were numerous comparisons between the EV6 and the Ioniq 5, which are both built on the same platform, but styled in vastly different ways. There are merits to the styling of both cars, but between the two, I find the EV6 the more serious looking car, and as such, feels like the more premium looking of the two. In fact, I think it is so good looking that in terms of design, I perceive it as a car that feels more continental than Korean - a good thing in my books.

Styled like a modern spaceship, the EV6 adopts the format of an SUV, but this isn't obvious - thanks to a sweeping roofline that seems to "stretch" out the appearance of the car. In fact, I would say that the EV6 looks like a very aerodynamic cross country vehicle, a jacked-up wagon if you will - giving the car a sleeker and classier appearance than your typical boxy SUV. While the front end is quite forgettable, the sleek roofline flows all the way to the rear of the car, where it combines beautifully with the stunning ducktail spoiler that is reminiscent of the Aston Martin DBX, as well as the beautifully crafted tail lights that almost look like they are part of the body panelling - very futuristic and incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Well Equipped & Full of Technology

As KIA's flagship electric vehicle, and the very first one at that, it seems like all the stops have been pulled to make a statement with the EV6. Exactly what that statement is I am unsure, but the EV6 has definitely captured the attention of many consumers around the world. One of the ways that the EV6 has made a statement is with the amount of tech and gadgetry that has been made available on the car. Some highlights include the modern and futuristic cabin design that features a star-trek inspired floating centre console, specially made relaxion seats that are ventilated and heated, as well as a beautifully integrated 12.3 inch infotainment touchscreen, which oddly enough, does not come with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto - puzzling for such a modern vehicle.

However, the real party piece has to be the remote smart parking assist function, which allows you to remotely control your vehicle forwards and backwards using just your key fob - a particularly nifty function when it comes to parking and extracting your vehicle from extremely narrow spaces. It even takes things one step further by employing the use of its exterior sensors to detect obstacles during the remote control process, and consumer tests have shown it to work flawlessly when the path is blocked by a full sized adult, though no one seems to have tested this with a toddler, or a small dog.

A Well Rounded Vehicle

For its first ground up EV, KIA have done amazingly well with the EV6, delivering a car that is not only aesthetically upmarket and futuristic, but also well-calibrated in its drive. Equipped with three drive modes, Eco, Normal, and Sport the EV6's drivetrain distinguishes each driving mode quite distinctly, and in that, offers the driver plenty of flexibility. There are also four regenerative braking levels which can be toggled using the paddle shifters on the EV6, with the highest level of regenerative braking taking the form of single pedal operation - once again providing a high level of flexibility when it comes to driving preference.

Although the EV6 we tested bears the GT-Line badge, it should not be confused with the full fat, top of the line GT variant. The GT-line, though equipped with dual motors which are good for 321bhp and 605 Nm of torque, still seems to be set up for comfort in mind, and serves as a good middle ground for those who want to enjoy copious amounts of torque, without compromising on family comfort and practicality.

When driven hard, the EV6 does feel a tad too soft for the power it possesses, and despite its well employed masquerade as a sports wagon, feels like an SUV through harsher corners. That said, there is a reasonable compromise here, as the softness in the chassis is well suited to deliver a comfortable ride. In short, go fast, but don't chuck this car around corners too hard.

Who will it Appeal to?

The EV6 has unique positioning in my opinion, as the car feels closer to entry level continental options in terms of overall road feel and packaging, but for slightly less money. So if you want a well finished EV that packs good power, excellent practicality, distinctive good looks, and doesn't come at the price of a continental EV, the EV6 is a very well rounded option to consider.


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