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2023 Porsche Cayenne Coupe Platinum Edition Singapore Review

The Porsche Cayenne Coupe Platinum Edition is a special edition vehicle that features the same 3.0 litre twin turbo V6 engine paired with a 8-speed tiptronic automatic transmission. How it differs from the regular Cayenne Coupe is through the inclusion of a range of features that would otherwise be optional extras. These include a panoramic roof, interior ambient lighting, satin finished wheels and emblems, as well as a Bose sound system. Our test car looks Jet Black in colour, but is in fact a dark blue called Moonlight Blue.

Platinum Edition Exclusive Features

The Platinum Edition of the Cayenne Coupe essentially packages in additional features and options that can be found on both the interior and exterior of the car. Inside the vehicle, you'll find that a Bose Sound System, interior ambient lighting, a panoramic roof, and 8-way adjustable seats have been included in the Platinum Edition car. On the outside, the Platinum Edition car comes with satin finish emblems and badging, along with upgraded satin finish wheels. You also get a satin finish, Platinum Edition branded door sill guards.

An Elevated Experience

While these included upgrades on the Platinum Edition car may not seem particularly groundbreaking, it is important to point out that it really does help to add a sheen of luxury to the car, as the base models traditionally aren't filled with too many fancy bits. In a way, Porsche's sporting pedigree is still very much the centrepiece of the cars they produce, and the luxuries that we Singaporeans are used to, may not necessarily be found on a Porsche base model.

For that reason, the Platinum Edition cars are a welcome change, especially when fitted to a car like the Cayenne, which in Singapore, is mainly employed as a family car or a utility car of sorts. As such, creature comforts like the upgraded sound system, panoramic roof, and ambient lighting do very well to elevate the overall passenger experience in the Cayenne.

Bang For Buck Upgrades

Although the Platinum Edition car does cost a noticeable amount more than the base car, one need only look at the Porsche options list to realise that the packaged upgrades actually provide the buyer with pretty good value. Just the panoramic roof and upgraded wheel options would already justify the increased price tag, let alone when you consider the other upgraded bits as well. If you're a huge fan of analog clocks in the car like myself, then it is also worth noting that the analog clock upgrade is actually not an option you can purchase on the base car, and is therefore a rather priceless touch.

Who Will it Appeal to?

Driving a full on sports car isn't for everyone in Singapore, especially for those who for varying reasons, decide to keep only one family car - and that's alright. if you aren't considering a Porsche for its sporting pedigree and performance, but still want to be a part of the brand to experience the heritage and engineering of the Stuttgart outfit, cars like the Cayenne or the smaller Macan will work extremely well for you, especially in its more dressed up, well equipped Platinum Edition.


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