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2024 Lexus LBX Hybrid Review Singapore

The 2024 Lexus LBX Hybrid is the latest compact crossover from Lexus and is the most affordable Lexus on offer in Singapore at the moment. Equipped with a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated hybrid powertrain, the car produces 129 bhp and 185Nm of torque with a 0-100km/h time of 9.6 seconds. Inside, the car features a 9.8 inch touchscreen infotainment unit that is equipped with Apple Carplay & Android Auto, along with a full digital driver's display with a multi function leather steering wheel.

Beautifully Packaged

For some time now, Lexus have upped their game in the looks department, producing some very good looking cars in various segments, but none quite as beautiful as the new Lexus LBX - the most beautifully styled Lexus in our opinion that sits in the current lineup. Perhaps it’s because things look best in small packages (like shoes), but there is a pleasing quality about Lexus styling language when applied onto a compact crossover that the LBX is - more so than with a larger SUV like the RX or NX.

The fact that the LBX is now the most affordable Lexus you can buy is also a bonus, and consumers will be pleased to see that the design language from the brand’s more premium offerings have legitimately trickled down into the latest baby Lexus. The result is a car that is quite beautifully sculpted and possesses the same premium appeal of its larger siblings.

Broad Appeal

While the LBX doesn’t inherit every single premium touch, especially on its interior, there is still enough of a lux factor in the form of things such as a a high end Mark Levinson sound system that is excellent. Accompanied by sporadic bits of leather stitching, full leather Lexus steering wheel, and the signature Lexus push-button door lever, There are enough bits to tickle the fancy of aspiring Lexus owners who may have previously been put off by price, or Lexus’ typical use of larger engines.

In the LBX, a 1.5 litre, hybridised naturally aspirated engine powers the car, and provides excellent balance between drivability and fuel economy. While the powertrain isn’t a driver oriented one, performance is brisk and adequate, while offering superlative fuel economy - a draw for many Singaporeans.

Perfect for Singapore’s Market

In many ways, the LBX is perfect for Singapore’s market. The car is compact and easy to manoeuvre around our city streets and multi-storey carparks, it is very fuel efficient, it’s good looking, and it’s branded. For a brand conscious society like Singapore, this means that consumers get to enjoy the brand appeal of a Lexus in a smaller package that won’t break the bank. From experience, this is the sort of car that consumers would trade the space and practicality or a slightly larger car for - to enjoy a slightly elevated lifestyle and brand appeal.

That said, while the LBX is smaller than some of its segment mates, the boot still fits a golf bag comfortably - a feature that is synonymous with Lexus’ association to the game of golf. The respectably sized boot does mean that 2nd row legroom can be a little tight for anyone above 170m tall, but the LBX should have no problem accommodating your young ones.

Who Will it Appeal to?

As Lexus’ baby crossover and entry level car, the car is bound to appeal to traditional Japanese or Korean car owners who may be looking for an upgrade to a luxury Japanese brand and partake in the elevated lifestyle the brand offers. However, due to its functional drivetrain, I doubt there will be many converts from Continental brands, not unless owners suddenly choose to prioritise the perceived reliability of a Lexus.


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