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2024 MINI Cooper Convertible Review Singapore

The 2024 MINI Cooper Convertible features a 1.5 litre turbocharged 3 cylinder engine producing 134 bhp and 220Nm of torque with a century sprint time of 8.2 seconds via power driven to the front wheels. Equipped with an automatic roof closing mechanism, the MINI Cooper Convertible also features wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto along with a full digital driver's display.

Clean & Modern Design

The MINI brand has always put out a consistent design language, and have never deviated too far from their iconic front end. Yet somehow, with each generation, they find a way to mould and massage its new model's designs into something that is extremely familiar but also refreshing. A good example is the new MINI Cooper Convertible, which has begun to inherit some of the cleaner design features that we saw on the MINI Electric, which is the car that has sort of kickstarted MINI's electric revolution.

While the MINI Cooper Convertible isn't electrically powered in any way, it's design has been nipped and tucked, almost feeling like an interim point between the last generation of MINI cars and the inevitable coming of MINI's electric offerings. It's a good look that adds a layer of sophistication to the brand, and there is a premium feel to the design. If not anything, the design language will serve as a good transition point for consumers - so that they wont find future designs too jarring.

A Lifestyle Tool Like No Other

Driving a MINI is clearly a lifestyle choice, driving a MINI convertible is next level stuff. After all, it isn't hard to find another car that is cheaper to buy, provides more space, and goes quicker - but a MINI convertible is special. There is a clear sense of occasion when you flick the cockpit style electric switch that powers the electric roof mechanism open. It's a real treat to watch the process as well - though the mechanisms today are quite quick and the whole process takes less than 30 seconds (I think) to unfold.

Ok fine, I am aware that other convertibles on the market boast similar roof opening mechanisms, but the overall package is a very holistic one - at least when viewed from the standpoint of an owner who is all about that lifestyle. Personally, I find that one of the most rewarding parts of putting the top down on the Cooper Convertible, is the revealing of a wonderfully crafted interior that absolutely looks the part. A high level of build quality, paired with a retro-modern design and a premium level of finishing makes the Cooper Convertible feel like it punches above its weight.

Better with the Top Down

Once you've gotten the roof down and you're out on the open roads, people can't help but stare. Maybe they were laughing at me for driving with the top down in Singapore's warm weather, but I felt like a little bit of a superstar cruising through the laid back Siglap neighbourhood - one of my usual haunts. Warm weather or not, the Cooper Convertible felt like it was in its element with the top down, and I actually feel like the car is more comfortable to drive with the top down rather than up.

With all soft top convertibles, noise inadvertently finds it way into the cabin through the c-pillar. It's just the way they are built. As a result, I find myself constantly thinking I forgot to wind up one of the rear windows, even though there aren't any. Driving with the top down eliminates this confusion, and I feel more aligned with the noise I hear versus the speed I am going and the wind that I feel. Everything just feels more calibrated and ultimately more comfortable.

Who will it Appeal to?

As for as soft top convertibles on the market, the MINI Cooper Convertible remains one of the more affordable options, and despite a small 3 cylinder engine, packs enough punch for its weight. For consumers seeking a lifestyle vehicle that will take them places on the weekend, but also can't be too fussed about having a performance specified car, the Cooper Convertible is a great option to look at. Stylish, well built, and a whole lot of fun.


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