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Are Manual Transmissions Making a Comeback?

If you grew up in the 90's or earlier, you'd have been very acquainted with the idea of manual transmission vehicles and manual cars - some of you might even have taken your driver's license with a manual gearbox. While a majority of drivers and cars today utilise automatic transmissions, there have always been a group of stick shift enthusiasts who have kept the old art of driving stick alive. Interestingly, with automakers like Porsche, BMW, and Toyota all releasing manual transmission models in 2023 - could manual transmissions be making a comeback?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask and what conditions they look at. Many car manufacturers have started offering manual transmission options in their vehicles as an effort to appeal to drivers who like having more control or who just want something different from the traditional automatic option. This can be seen in sports cars such as the Ford Mustang or luxury models like BMW's M series cars, both of which offer manual transmission options.

Some analysts believe that a resurgence of manual transmissions is due in part to tech advancements that make them more efficient than before. Automatic transmissions are great for getting up to speed quickly, but manual gearboxes offer better gas mileage due to the extra gear ratios available for fine-tuning fuel consumption. In addition, modern manuals have so many features including smoother shifting and faster reaction times when shifting gears compared to older models, making them attractive to those who want something sportier than an automatic transmission can provide.

However, while some manufacturers are bringing back manual gearboxes, they're not yet mainstream enough for them to take over from automatic transmissions completely. The convenience and lower cost associated with automatics are making them increasingly popular, especially among younger drivers who don't necessarily want all the hassle that comes with learning how to drive manually. There's also been increasing demand for hybrid systems which provide the best aspects of both types of transmissions: automated gear shifting combined with some additional control for drivers looking for increased performance or customisation levels.

Overall, it appears that manual transmissions may be slowly making a comeback amongst certain demographics and vehicle models as people seek out more control or novelty from their rides—but whether or not they'll ever become dominant again remains uncertain.


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