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New 2024 Porsche Cayenne Launches in Singapore

Porsche Singapore has launched the new Porsche Cayenne in Singapore today at an event held at The Warehouse Hotel Singapore. The new Cayenne features a comprehensive redesign and new features providing drivers with an extra layer of comfort and luxury. The redesigned cabin includes the 12.6-inch digital driver display and the gear selector moving to the side of the display, first seen in the Porsche Taycan. With Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) as standard on the Cayenne, the handling of the Cayenne is more akin to a performance car than an SUV, allowing it to deal with a wide range of terrain and situations with ease.

The Porsche Cayenne launches with two body styles, the SUV and the coupe, with the familiar 3.0L V6 engine making 348 Horsepower for the base Cayenne. The Cayenne E-hybrid combines the V6 with a small electric motor that gives it a combined power of 460hp and an all electric range of about 40 km. The Cayenne S sees the return of the 4.0L V8, after an absence in the previous iteration of the Cayenne. The new Matrix LED lights further improve the safety and comfort in a multitude of driving situations. A more defined front and rear bumper see the Cayenne get a more muscular look especially when lowered.The iconic sportscar for five, Porsche has managed to combine everyday practicality of an SUV with industry leading performance of a sports car.

With the theme “Future Together” at the launch event, we were welcomed with a range of activities that encouraged exploration with family and friends. With an illustrated map of Singapore we were encouraged to pin a destination that would inspire others to explore. A tea making station and Haiku station was also present to provide guests with samples of customised tea and poems. The launch concluded with a short test drive with both variants of the Cayenne and Cayenne S on the road, to showcase the Cayennes luxury and comfort as it handled Singapore roads with ease.

The Cayenne launches with two body styles and several variants, with the Cayenne starting from SGD 397,588, the E-Hybrid at SGD 466,288, and the Cayenne S at SGD 521,088, without COE.


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