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Porsche 911 Carrera Singapore Review - PDK 3.0 (A)

The Porsche 911 Carrera features a 3.0 litre flat 6 rear engined setup driving power to the rear wheels via an 8 speed PDK transmission. The car is rated at 385 bhp and 450 Nm of torque, and will deliver 0-100km/h performance in 4.2 seconds. This Carrera model features 19 inch front wheels with 20 inch rear wheels in a staggered setup. Retractable door handles, Porsche Active Management System (PASM), and an auto deploying rear spoiler are standard. A sports chronograph and adjustable sports seats complete the sports car driving experience.

The Numbers Don't Tell the Whole Story

In the world of performance cars, there are cars that have stellar score cards in terms of horsepower and torque but don't do so well on the road, and there are cars that have unassuming performance specs, but translate those specs into real world driving joy. Suffice to say, the 911 belongs in the latter category.

If you scrutinise the 911 Carrera's spec sheet, you'll find numbers that aren't particularly jaw dropping, and you might be mistaken into thinking that the 911 Carrera is a little bit of a half measure - but you'll be severely mistaken. Despite being the entry level car in the 911 range, the Carrera possess an uncompromising approach to performance, and doesn't make the driver feel shortchanged about the car. Sure, 911s further up the range may be decidedly quicker, but the Carrera feels just as well engineered, and still feels like its cut from the same cloth.

The result is a car that will still plaster you to the headrest when given the full beans, with the 6 cylinder boxer engine providing plenty of punch as it revs to 8,500 rpm for you if you should so desire. Put a stranger in the car, turn on launch control, and accelerate to 100 km/h - I guarantee that most laymen would not have any idea that the Carrera is an entry level 911. What I really love about the car, is that despite its clinical and poised demeanour, the Carrera still possesses an adequate amount of savagery, aided by lightning quick shifts from the dual clutch transmission. Perhaps it is the rear mounted engine purring in your ear, or the cockpit like cabin that welcomes you to give the car your best shot. Truthfully, in a place like Singapore, the base Carrera is probably all the sports car you'll ever really need.

Charismatically Nimble

As a 911, the Carrera comes with PASM system as standard, which refers to the Porsche Active Suspension Management system. Coupled with characteristically low centre of gravity from the rear mounted flat 6 boxer, the Carrera handles brilliantly, carving through bends and diving into corners with the enthusiasm of an animal on steroids, yet with the dignity and elegance of a more measured creature.

Unlike more juvenile sports coupes, which are made to go a little bit sideways, the 911 isn't, and instead wants to get around the corner in as quick and as dignified a manner as possible, with traction on all four wheels maintained at all times - that is the Porsche way. In essence then, while the Carrera enjoys the speed and adrenaline as much as the next sports car, the Carrera does the same job without the messy hair and wrinkled clothes - it is as poised and clinical as sports cars go. In the modern iterations of the 911, the car also feels significantly more balanced when compared to its predecessors - a good thing if you like your cars composed and drama free.

Surprisingly Versatile

Although the back seats on the 911 should really only ever be used for carrying young children, its nice to know that there are still technically 4 seats in the Carrera - which I often used as a place to store my bags during my test of the car. In fact, the rear sits fit my 5 year old so well I didn't even have to bother with a booster seat. At the front of the car, you also have a respectable sized frunk which will easily hold a couple of duffel bags for a short getaway, and will even fit an entire toddler - though we would not recommend it.

When you take a look at the car from the outside, you'll notice that the 911 has grown over the years, and now resembles a very shapely gran tourer or long distance cruiser as much as it does a sports coupe. The long story short is that the 911 is actually larger and more practical that you've probably allowed yourself to remember, which means that it's not a painful car to live with on a day to day basis. Practical performance - I thought we'd never see the day.

Who Will it Appeal to?

Personally, I think the Carrera needs a better soundtrack - but if you're the sort of person who wants to own a fine piece of engineering that is born from a heritage of performance racing, and you aren't too concerned about having the loudest car in the room, the 911 Carrera is going to appeal to you. It handles better than it is quick, feels wonderful to drive, and is surprisingly versatile. So if you're an actual grown up with familial responsibilities, kids to ferry, and an image to maintain, the 911 Carrera is definitely worth your consideration.


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