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Things to Know Before Driving to Malaysia

Are you planning a road trip in Malaysia? Whether you are driving your own vehicle into Malaysia or renting a car, going for a day trip or a longer holiday - there are some important things that you should know before setting off. Here are some essential tips for driving in Malaysia which will help ensure you travel with peace of mind.

Research the Rules of the Road:

Make sure you're familiar with the rules of the road and all relevant traffic regulations before you even think about getting behind the wheel. This includes things like speed limits, lane discipline, stopping rules, and parking regulations. You can find this information online or by checking with your rental car agency if you are renting a car.

Be Aware of Tolls:

Many highways in Malaysia have tolls which must be paid at specific intervals along your route. Be sure to plan ahead and account for these fees when calculating your travel budget. Typically, tolls only apply to expressway usage - so if you are keen to save a little bit of money, while at the same time enjoy a more dynamic driving experience, trying out some of Malaysia's B-roads can be a welcome change of pace and scenery. In Malaysia, tolls are paid through a Touch n Go card, which is a prepaid card that you tap at each toll gantry.

Carry Important Documents:

All drivers should carry a valid driver's license (international if needed), proof of insurance and registration documents whenever driving in Malaysia, as these may be asked for by police authorities during routine checks while on the road. For Singaporean's heading into Malaysia, you won't require an International Driving License - you'll be good to go as is with your Singapore Driving License.

Allow Extra Time:

Driving around unfamiliar roads can take longer than expected, so allow ample time between destinations to ensure a safe journey at all times. It is also wise to leave early rather than late - especially during peak travel times. Aside from public holidays, religious holidays, school holidays, and other designated national holidays, you should also keep in mind that in Malaysia, there are many different state holidays, which are only applicable to specific states. These state holidays can cause a bit of congestion and are often overlooked by drivers.

Check for Local Weather Updates:

Generally speaking, driving to Malaysia is a rather fuss-free affair, but during certain times of the year, especially during the Monsoon season, heavy rains can cause landslides and flooding in various parts of Malaysia. These can be rather serious and sometimes even entail local evacuations. As such, you definitely want to check for local updates on the areas you are visiting so as to avoid putting you and your family in a precarious situation. Alternatively, you could always drive a Range Rover !!!

By keeping these important tips in mind, you will be well on your way to having an enjoyable drive through beautiful Malaysia!


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