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Trapo Antibac Disinfectant Car Spray Review

If like many other car owners around the world who have spent money trying to eliminate germs and bacteria in your car, only for those efforts to have resulted in unsatisfactory results, it is easy to understand your struggle, as many of these treatments do not target the root of the problem. However, we recently tested out Trapo's Antibac Car Spray which has a few key benefits such as eliminating 99.99% of the bacteria in your car, neutralising cigarettes and other bad odours, and prevents the growth of germs and fungi. It also leaves the car with a refreshing and clean aroma and helps provide a fresh and clean environment for you and your family. Here is our review of the product. If you'd prefer to directly check out the product, click here.

Easy to Use

Trapo's Antibac Car Spray comes in the form of a spray canister which houses the disinfecting liquid. The can is designed for a single use as the product is intended to be emptied out all at one go as a single use application. To use the product, all you need to do is the turn of your engine, set the spray canister into a lock position which continuously releases the disinfectant out of the car, place it in a central location in your car, and shut the doors. The can takes just a couple of minutes to empty out, but Trapo advises to leave the doors shut for 15 minutes to let the disinfectant circulate and settle into every nook and cranny in your car's interior. Unfortunately for me, I was rather impatient, and ended up opening the doors prematurely and was treated to a face full of disinfectant as I ended up inhaling the circulating disinfectant. Definitely wait 15 minutes as instructed.

How it Cleans

Aside from killing up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria, the disinfectant also covers the surfaces in your car and prevents the growth of germs for a duration of time to come. It also neutralises smoke smells and bad odours, and fills the car with a refreshing and clean aroma that smelt really good.

I tried the fragrance called Amazonite and the smell was pleasant albeit a little bit strong. If you're a fan of more subtle smells, I am told that Clear Quartz is a more subtle option. From experience, this was a much more convenient and fuss free way of eliminating bad smells from the car, and is more cost effective than spending money trying to eliminate these smells through fumigation and other full interior detailing sessions.

Why We Like it

I'd say the key benefit of the product is that it is convenient to use. You could activate one of these each month in your car after you get home, and leave the disinfectant locked in your car overnight, after which you return to a fresh and disinfected car the next day that smells great. It virtually takes up none of your time if you employ the product in this manner. Most important, this product does not leave a residue on your car's interior surfaces after, and does not require a wipe down or cleaning after. Although this is a single use product that is good for a month and needs to be repeated each month, I feel that its cost still makes it better than spending the time and money to do an interior detail once every couple of months, which also do not feature any prevention of germs and bacteria after the detailing session.

If you're keen to try out the product, check out the product link right here.


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