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2022 Audi Q3 Mild Hybrid Singapore Review - 1.5 TFSI S tronic

Now available with mild hybrid technology in a 1.5 litre package, the Audi Q3 goes up against the likes of the BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA. Also available as the Audi Q3 Sportback, the Q3 loses Quattro all wheel drive that was found on the 2.0 TFSI version and now gains significant levels of fuel efficiency.

Understated Luxury

Not as flashy as some of its other competitors in the segment, the Audi Q3 prefers to showcase its build quality and subtlety in a segment that is flooded with loud and extravagantly styled options. This isn't to say that the Q3 is the best looking in its class, but it certainly looks the most understated, which allows owners the option of styling their car in various ways. Should you desire a sportier look, a wheel upgrade would do plenty - but if you prefer a more laid back, reserved aesthetic, the Q3 looks just as good in stock wheels, delivering boyish good looks. Particularly in the compact luxury SUV space, the Q3's boyish good looks could actually be a good thing, as it does not feel like it is trying too hard.

Mature & Sensible Choice

Truthfully, there are probably better looking cars in this segment that are available with more striking colour options, more sophisticated interior trim choices, and more aggressive body styling. However, it is also arguable that all these things detract from what is important in a compact luxury SUV - such as build quality, a good drive, and family practicality. Incidentally, these are qualities that the Q3 possesses in abundance.

For starters, the clean cut design of the Q3 coincides well with the no-nonsense build quality of the car, and exudes a stoic demeanour that is oddly appealing. The drive, though not the most engaging, is purposeful and punchy - providing drivers with enough juice to run alongside larger cars in Singapore's hustle and bustle.

Lastly, with its clean cut design comes a level of practicality as well, with none of those sloping rooflines compromising the comfort of your rear passengers. So if you look past the noise and the need for your car to look like a performance vehicle although it really isn't, it would seem that the Q3 makes for a very mature and sensible choice.

Perfectly Set Up for Singapore

Armed with a 1.5 litre mild hybrid drivetrain that is paired with a quick shifting 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, the Q3 is surprisingly punchy and forthcoming with power. However, this does not seem to come at the expense of fuel economy, as the Q3 is also equipped with cylinder deactivation when coasting, which significantly contributes to the Q3's class leading fuel economy. While not particularly exciting to drive, it is hard to deny that the Q3's drivetrain is a well thought out and well-tuned piece of engineering that is perfect for what we require in Singapore - which is good torque off the line to get in between tight spaces, and an obsession with fuel economy.

That's not all though - at cruising speeds, the Q3 is settled and rides comfortably. It feels unhurried for a car of its size, which is largely down to the fact that the Q3's engine is still a 4 cylinder, despite its small capacity. This makes for easy cruising and enough torque to ensure that the Q3 doesn't "run out of steam" the same way that other 3 cylinders on the market do at higher speeds. This means that the Q3 is better equipped to take on those trips up North with the family than some of its key competitors.

Who Will it Appeal to?

At the crux of it, the Q3 seems like a car that is secure in its own skin, with no desire to hide behind fancy trims and exaggerated body styling that pander to what is usually an aesthetically driven crowd. For that reason, the Q3 will appeal to consumers who want to enjoy the qualities and engineering of a continental car, without the attention and flamboyance normally associated with these cars.


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