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2022 Skoda Octavia Combi RS Review Singapore

The 2022 Skoda Octavia Combi RS 2.0 TSI is a sports wagon from Skoda and is the performance variant of the regular Skoda Octavia Mild Hybrid. The Octavia Combi RS utilises the same engine as the Volkswagen Golf GTI and features RS specific bodykits and sports seats along with a red stitched interior and steering wheel. Equipped with adjustable sports suspension, the Octavia Combi RS is capable of a 0-100km/h sprint time of 6.7 seconds in sport mode.

A Unique & Refreshing Format

Available as both a sedan and a wagon, the Octavia Combi RS offers consumers a unique and refreshing option in a world that is flooded with one too many SUVs. Though traditionally not a popular body style here in Singapore, it is safe to say the sports wagon's popularity, at least among car enthusiasts, is alive and well. Popularised at one point by the Audi RS6 Avant and given a recent new wave of publicity through the introduction of the BMW M3 Touring, it's safe to say that interest in wagons are at an all time high. Personally, I love the way sports wagons in particular offer such a unique balance of sportiness and practicality - as is the case with the Skoda Octavia Combi RS.

However, it's not just the Combi RS' sporty good looks and unique nature that make it a winner. Available at a price point that would typically entitle you to entry level drivetrains found on entry level premium luxury models, there is a real and serious value proposition in the way the Combi RS is packaged, offering up track - capable performance in a well styled package both inside and out. If brand appeal wasn't such a priority among Singaporeans, the Combi RS would be regarded as an absolute steal.

Just as Practical as an SUV

Armed with a 640 litre boot that is accessed through a tail gate, the Combi RS actually has a larger boot than a similarly priced premium compact SUV like the BMW X1, which also means that save for its lower ride height and lower loading height, the Combi RS is arguably more practical and more useful than the average mid-sized SUV you'll find on the market. Rear legroom is generous, and the full length panoramic sunroof does a fantastic job at simultaneously elevating the cabin of the car, while also making the cabin feel larger than it is. All this is noteworthy and impressive, because it's likely that you've already forgotten that the Octavia Combi RS is based on the Octavia, Skoda's entry level sedan - that's an impressive use of internal space.

While serving the family, the Octavia Combi RS is also endearingly dual natured, thanks to in-built Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), a nifty little feature that allows the user to select from 15 levels of chassis stiffness, allowing you to go soft or go hard, depending on your needs. When running errands around town with your family in tow, you'll have the comfort you require. Alternatively, when you are tearing it up on your track days, you'll also have all the rigidity you need to take on your personal best timing - all at the convenient slide of a dial through the infotainment unit.

Accesible Performance

While adjustable driving settings aren't exactly news, its useful to note that while many performance cars on the market allow for even greater subsets of customisation, it can be rather overwhelming at times for those just beginning to experiment with car setups. Without the right knowledge, you're just as easy to muck the settings up than optimise them. In contrast, DCC in the Octavia Combi RS seems to communicate these customisations in the most efficient way, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred settings, while limiting you to already well calibrated presets. It's brilliant because it is simple, which makes it accessible to the layman or to the average driver.

Another wonderful piece of equipment found on the Octavia Combi RS has to be its EA888 2.0 litre power unit, a legendary engine of sorts for its extensive use across the Volkswagen Group range of cars, and for its seemingly undying spirit and durability. Most famously, this is the engine that is used on the Volkswagen GTI, a reputable and well loved performance vehicle by any measure. Though not the most powerful engine nor the most refined, it is an eager engine that sounds happy to be revved, and never seems to want to stop. The cherry on the cake? It's mated to the 7 speed dual clutch DSG gearbox, which is a wonderfully intuitive transmission that always seems to find the right gear, and also happens to be one of the fastest shifting boxes on the market.

Who Will it Appeal to?

If you understand that excellent driving machines don't have to be particularly expensive, you'll instantly have an appreciation for the well rounded package offered by the Skoda Octavia Combi RS as there is honestly little to dislike. A well respected engine unit mated to an excellent transmission, packaged in a handsome exterior and stylish interior, with all the practicalities of an SUV - Sign me up.


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