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2023 Audi Q8 e-Tron 50 Review Singapore

The 2023 Audi q8 e-Tron 50 SUV is an updated version of the original e-Tron SUV, and comes with aerodynamic improvements, increased real world range, higher capacity through a larger battery pack, and increased efficiency. The car also comes equipped with a full light bar at the rear, permanent all wheel drive, adaptive air suspension, and dual electric motors. It is available in two body styles - the Q8 e-Tron SUV, and the Q8 e-Tron Sportback.

Subtle & Understated Styling

In case you're wondering if the Q8 e-Tron is a new electric model from Audi - it's not. It is in fact an updated version of the original Audi e-Tron SUV launched a couple of years ago. The flagship electric SUV range from Audi has been allocated with the Q8 designation alongside the e-Tron designation that Audi uses for its electric range of cars - perhaps in anticipation for other e-Tron models like the Q4 to arrive in the coming year.

Along with this change in designation, the Q8 e-Tron has also received a significant amount of updates. On the aesthetic end of things, the car receives a redesigned front end, with a new blacked out front grille that also houses Audi's new two-dimensional logo - a shift that brings a new minimalism and uniformity to the brand logo across all platforms. Further down the bumper, there are new air vents which channel air directly into the wheel hub, increasing the overall aerodynamic capabilities of the car. Down the side, new model specific designations appear on the B-Pillar, a move that Audi says will also be applied to the entire Audi range going forward. Around the rear, a full length light bar now dominates the rear fascia, completing the aesthetic upgrades of the Q8 e-Tron SUV. Overall, Audi's upgrades to the car are clear, noticeable, but still subtle - a position that will no doubt appeal to those who want to enjoy their luxury SUV without catching too much attention from the neighbours.

Improved Drivetrain & Efficiency

Perhaps one of the biggest pain points of the original e-Tron SUV has now become one of its biggest selling points. The previous car had questionable range for the type of vehicle it was supposed to be, with real world range that hovered between the high 300s and low 400s. Without radically increasing the battery pack of the new Q8 e-Tron, Audi have implemented some form of witchery, bringing about improvements to the battery technology, energy recuperation system, and improved aerodynamics, leading to a much more efficient car that is now capable of almost 600km on a single charge (or a real world range of about 500+ km). It's not the best figures on the market, but it's definitely a huge improvement.

On the efficiency front, the new front fascia features some nifty air vents to channel air from the bumper through to the wheel hub, supposedly reducing the drag coefficient of the entire vehicle and improving the efficiency of the car - an improvement that is particularly useful on an SUV, which already has its height working against it. When cruising, the Q8 e-Tron also does an excellent job at retaining speed through what feels like something of a coast mode. When feathering the throttle to maintain one's cruising speed, the car feels like it glides on forever without losing much speed, a positive driving trait in my opinion.

Excellent Ride Quality

Armed with adaptive air suspension, drivers will now be able to enjoy this new found range in upmost comfort as the Q8 e-Tron 50 possesses superlative ride quality - better than anything we've tested in recent memory. The combination of the modest 20 inch wheels coupled with the air suspension is a masterclass in comfort. Such is the balance between tyre profile and shock absorbers that the Q8 e-Tron 50 actually rides significantly better than the Sportback 55's 22 inch wheels, making the 50 a much nicer car to drive over longer distances in my opinion.

Granted, the comfort oriented suspension does not necessarily provide a huge amount of confidence when going round bends, road manners is still respectable for a car of this size and weight. Furthermore, one does not buy an electric luxury SUV for its handling chops, and the impressive levels of comfort more than justify the compromise in handling.

Who will it Appeal to?

Due to the Q8 e-Tron's excellent ride quality, spacious layout, and generous space, the car will most definitely appeal to those in the market for a luxury SUV to glide about their day in style and comfort. Current owners of petrol powered luxury SUVs may also find strong appeal with a fully electric luxury SUV like the Q8 e-Tron, as the car will be quieter and smoother than most petrol powered luxury SUVs currently on the market.


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