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2023 Skoda Enyaq Review Singapore

The 2023 Skoda Enyaq is based on the same rear wheel drive platform as the Volkswagen ID.4, which together with the Enyaq, will be the first fully electric vehicles launched by Volkswagen and Skoda respectively. Together with the dual motor ID.4 GTX, all three cars are built on the same MEB platform from Volkswagen Group, and were collectively previewed to the media at a test drive event held at Love Handle Singapore earlier this year.

Beautifully Styled

Skoda has been consistently upping their design game for some time now, and its evident that they have hit a rich vein of form. Testament to this is the latest Skoda Octavia, which after a few design iterations, has finally hit the mark. Design wise, its the most unified it has ever been, and it would appear that Skoda Enyaq has benefitted from this. The car, though fully electric, looks conventionally beautiful, and sports a muscular, bold appearance that consumers generally like to see in an SUV.

In front, the Enyaq's grille still retains some slatted detailing, which gives it the appearance of a regular grille from afar. Down the size, regular dimensions and regular sized SUV wheels help the vehicle to look distinctly regular in the best way possible. At the back, a sharp and neat set of tail lamps seem to cinch the package together, helping to break the regular SUV silhouette with a touch of modernity. Overall, while some may say that the Enyaq lacks the futuristic styling of the Volkswagen ID.4, it is this conventional beauty that I think will help bridge the appeal of Skoda's electric vehicles to the mass market.

Conventionally Comfortable

Take the Enyaq out on the road, and immediately there is a sense that the car feels quite "un-electric" In terms of its drive train, comfort setup, and overall driving dynamics, the Enyaq drives like a well calibrated petrol vehicle. It never feels too heavy, and glides on with the effortlessness typically associated with large, premium cars. Suspension is firm and the car is relatively well sorted in a typically continental way. In fact, while the car doesn't seem to excel in any particular department, it is hard to fault the Enyaq in any department either, making this one of the most well rounded vehicles I've driven all year - and would be a lovely addition to the influx of electric vehicles that we are currently receiving into the Singapore market.

Armed with 204 bhp and 310Nm of torque, the Skoda Enyaq feels brisk to drive for a large car, taking just 8.7 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/h. However, while some other EVs on the market can sometimes feel too powerful for their own good, the Enyaq feels measured in its movements, which will be good for drivers who are new to the EV scene and new to the torque figures offered by modern electric vehicles of today. Quite simply, for a driver who is currently driving a family sized, petrol powered SUV, the transition over to an Enyaq should be relatively smooth and easy, offering consumers an experience that makes the transition over to EVs less overwhelming and more palatable.

Crowd Pleaser

Aside from its well sorted drivetrain, the Enyaq is a car that is likely to please a wide variety of consumers - both drivers and passengers alike. A standout feature of the Enyaq for me, is the application of a vegan upholstery, which feels tremendously pleasant to the touch, and provides the interior with a modern and premium edge. Compared to its immediate competitors, the Enyaq's interior is likely to produce the most bang for buck impression among consumers. Even if you don't have much of an inclination toward sustainability and vegan upholstery, the Enyaq's cabin feels refreshing to look at, and is hard to dislike. A neatly embedded digital driver's display nicely rounds off this modern interior, elevating the Enyaq's interior in a subtle but significant way.

For passengers, the rest of the Enyaq's cabin is also a pleasant place to be. Generous legroom in the rear make this car a joy to be in on longer journeys, while the custom built, removable divider in the rear is a delightful feature, and one that exudes Skoda's brand slogan of being "simply clever". Personally, I like the built in sunshades in the rear, a feature that has been around on many older cars, yet isn't already a point of parity among new cars. It's a simple but much appreciated feature on any family car, and I'm thrilled that the Enyaq has it. Overall, the Enyaq isn't groundbreaking in any particular way, but it does all the simple things right. If you consider that the car ownership experience in Singapore is one that entails the input of many stakeholders, the Enyaq is likely to be a crowd pleaser, adequately satisfying many, without disappointing any.

Who will it Appeal to?

While the question of price has yet to be answered, and price would be a big determinant of the success of a car like the Enyaq in Singapore, it is clear that the Skoda Enyaq is a well thought out product, and would likely continue Skoda's trend of providing consumers with intelligently designed, value for money vehicles that appeal to a wide audience. If you are thinking of making the switch to EVs at the end of 2023, the Skoda Enyaq should definitely be on your shortlist.


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