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2023 BYD ATTO 3 100kW (CAT A) Review Singapore

The 2023 BYD ATTO 3 is new variant of the car, which was previously launched as a Category B COE car. The Chinese EV maker has responded to high COE prices by adding on from the 2022 BYD ATTO 3 and launching this more affordable version of the already popular electric crossover SUV which comes with a 60.5 kWh battery that puts out 100kW of power instead of the previous 150kW of power. Comparable to a Toyota RAV4 in terms of interior space, the ATTO 3 packs features such as a flat floor, rotating infotainment unit and operating system with over the air updates, Apple Carplay & Android Auto, as well as a multi link suspension setup in the rear.

CarbonEdge Trim

Along with the release of this new CAT A friendly version of the ATTO 3, BYD Singapore have also launched a new trim package called the CarbonEdge Trim, which gives consumers something to look forward to, while simultaneously helping its cars feel even more aligned and relevant than they already are. While the upgrades in the CarbonEdge trim are purely aesthetic, there is quite a lot done to the car for the slight premium you pay over the regular cars.

For starters, the car has been de-chromed, and all the parts that used to be in matte chrome, are now wrapped in a snappy piano black finish. With the exception of the rims, which are already dual coloured in chrome and black, the rest of the car is essentially blacked out, along with the roof panel and pillars.

Inside, the seats have also been upholstered in black with red stitching. Overall, the package looks smart, modern, and will definitely appeal to a younger crowd that desire a more standout appearance. The CarbonEdge trim is available on both the 100kW and 150kW variants of the car.

More Composed & Sensible

The original 150kW variant of the car was hugely impressive in terms of ride quality and performance. We loved the idea that an entry level EV could also be lively to drive. However, with the emergence of the new CAT A friendly, 100kW version, it must be sad that the overall package feels like a more coherent car to drive. While less powerful, it is by no means sluggish, and still delivers ample torque for the average consumer. The upside for me is clear - that power output is better suited to the chassis than its more powerful sibling, and is therefore a more composed car to drive overall.

Due to this new found cohesiveness, I am also of the opinion that the ATTO 3 is also now better around corners. The front wheels ultimately have less power to deal with, and as such, feel less busy. This in turn leads to a smoother cornering experience that is actually really pleasing for the driver. In more ways than one, the new 100kW ATTO 3 is a perfect representation of the saying, "slow is smooth, and smooth is fast".

Better Value For Consumers

The new 100kW ATTO 3 hasn't just been "de-tuned" for fun. With the reduction in power also comes significant cost savings of more than $20,000. However, despite the cheaper price tag and lower power output, it is important to point out that the rest of the car remains unchanged. This means that consumers are ultimately still getting the same aesthetic and practicality related features of the CAT B car. There is also no additional badging to differentiate the two variants on the car, which means that people won't know which version you are driving. All in all, the new CAT A ATTO 3 seems like an absolute steal and provides superb value to the consumer.

Who Will it Appeal to?

With the BYD Dolphin recently launched, it became the most affordable EV you can purchase in Singapore - which is nice title to have. However, with the CAT A ATTO 3, BYD also have in their arsenal, what I believe to be the best value EV you can purchase in Singapore at the moment. For consumers who can put aside what seems to be the nation's universal love for premium luxury brands, the BYD ATTO 3 100kW is an absolute must to shortlist if you are in the market for an electric vehicle.


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