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2023 BYD Dolphin Review Singapore

The 2023 BYD Dolphin is BYD's latest electric car which takes the form of a hatchback which follows the success of the larger ATTO 3 SUV. The car features a 44.9 kWh battery pack that produces 94 bhp and 180Nm of torque in a front wheel drive setup. Aside from numerous safety features, the BYD Dolphin is also highly specified with many modern bits of technology and equipment.

Upmarket Interior

Despite a relatively utilitarian front end that won't be winning any design awards, the BYD Dolphin is actually quite nicely styled on the inside, bringing new meaning to the adage "never judge a book by its cover". As an entry level hatchback and the most affordable electric vehicle you can currently buy in Singapore, the Dolphin boasts an interior that is styled beyond its price point, outdoing other entry level options in the market which typically sport plain black interiors without much originality. Whether you like the design of the Dolphin's interior is a different matter, but it is hard to argue that effort has been put into creating an interior that is original in design and conveys a clear styling language.

In fact, such is the dedication to design language that depending on the consumers choice of exterior colour, the Dolphin comes with a different coloured interior to match the exterior - a touch that has more recently only been seen on more upmarket automobiles in the market.

The choice of materials in the Dolphin aren't necessarily premium, but they are well employed in right places to help the cabin feel more upmarket than the next entry level hatchback on the market. In fact, I think the Dolphin has outdone its larger sibling, the ATTO 3 SUV in terms of its cabin design, and sports a more mature, and by extension, a more premium feeling cabin.

Affordable Tech

Along with a cabin that punches above its weight in terms of originality and design, the Dolphin also provides the consumer with a range of tech that is surprising for its price range. For starters, the Dolphin comes equipped with the same rotating touchscreen found in the ATTO 3, despite sitting in a lower price bracket than the ATTO 3. The impact of this large touchscreen unit in a compact hatchback is remarkable to say the least, allowing the Dolphin to feel extremely future forward where some of its petrol powered competitors have a tendency to appear a little compromised in terms of its fittings.

Another piece of technology through which the Dolphin brings sets it apart is its parking camera setup. Along with a reverse camera that is one of the best I have seen it its class, the Dolphin also comes equipped with a 3D camera and a top view camera which is unheard of in this segment. Together, the cameras provide the user with a clear and accurate view of their surroundings when parking - something that I think the less experienced drivers will enjoy in tighter parking situations.

Immense Value for Money

When you think of the Dolphin's well styled cabin and its high level of technology against its price tag, it is easy to see that this is a car that provides buyers with immense value for money. For the same amount of money, entry level petrol options in the market would likely come with entry level drivetrains with utilitarian driving dynamics, but in a car like the Dolphin, you get an quiet electric motor that provides smoothness and performance that another entry level petrol powered car could likely only dream of. While not an apple to apple comparison per se, therein lies much of the value of an entry level electric vehicle like the Dolphin. It is also good to note that despite having a small exterior footprint, the Dolphin is surprisingly spacious inside - a result of good space utilisation made possible by BYD's patented blade battery.

Who will it Appeal to?

Due to its small battery pack, good space utilisation, small footprint, and extremely good value proposition, the BYD Dolphin is a great car to consider if you are looking to get your feet wet and get started on the EV ownership experience. It should be a relatively fuss free car to own, with short charging times due to a small battery pack, efficient power utilisation due to its lower weight, and ease of driving due to its small footprint. Perfect for urban driving environments like Singapore.


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