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2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Review Singapore

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid is a mid sized SUV that offers consumers a fuss free ownership experience by combining the pedigree of the Corolla Altis with an all new SUV format. Featuring Toyota's impressive hybrid system, the car is very fuel efficient, and is able to post fuel consumption figures of up to 28km/l. The car is also ruggedly handsome in design, sporting black plastic cladding across the front bumper, wheel arches, and side skirts. Inside the car comes with features such as split folding rear seats, drive mode select, Toyota Safety Sense, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, as well as Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Old School Meets New School

While the legendary Corolla name has long been associated with reliability and dependability, it is no secret that it has also been associated with a more mature demographic. To ignite younger interest in the Corolla name, Toyota have done something brilliant - combining the Corolla name with the active and outgoing format of an SUV.

The result is rather encouraging as the demand for SUVs globally is high, and the car definitely looks a lot more active and outgoing than what the standard Corolla Altis exudes. The car is generally quite handsome with a rugged and bold front fascia, along with an appropriate amount of cladding around the front bumper, wheel hubs, and side skirts - all things that would work quite well for a younger demographic. The rear feels a little like an afterthought though, but I guess there isn't such a thing as a perfect car, even if this is a Toyota.

Inside though, there is a sense of familiarity and though the cabin has been dressed up to keep pace with modern expectations, there is still something quintessentially Toyota about the interior, which is something that should keep the loyal oldies happy when they do decide to jump into a new Toyota in time to come. It's not easy to appease a wide demographic, but Toyota seem to have found a very balanced way of blending the old school and the new school.

An Important Car for Singapore

In terms of car ownership in Singapore, I personally think that the sweet spot is a 2.0 litre engine. You get enough power and driving enjoyment, but the road tax payments wont tear a hole in your pocket. Before the Corolla Cross Hybrid, Toyota consumers were faced with either purchasing a full sized Harrier Hybrid with a 2.4 litre engine, or a Yaris Cross Hybrid with a 1.5 litre engine. Now that the Corolla Cross Hybrid is here and available with a 2,0 litre engine, I'll venture a guess and say that this will be the pick of the lot.

It is interesting that a car that is as moderated as the Corolla Cross Hybrid would be seen as such an important car in Singapore. Then again, perhaps it is important because it accurately reflects our personalities as Singaporeans. You see, in Singapore, we don't generally like extremes, and most consumers operate in a sort of middle ground, which is exactly what the Corolla Cross Hybrid brings to the table. It's big enough for use as a family car, it's compact enough to be easy to drive and park, it's quick enough to be interesting, yet not fast enough for it not to raise any red flags with the insurance companies.

Extremely Fuel Efficient

Truthfully, the Corolla Cross isn't a particularly exceptional car although it does tick many of the right boxes with Singaporean consumers. However, it is exceptional at one thing - and that's fuel efficiency. With a 47 litre fuel tank on board, the Corolla Cross Hybrid could comfortably travel more than 1,000 km on a single tank (we know because we did the challenge), at certain points, we even managed a fuel efficiency rating of more than 28km/l, which is nothing short of amazing. And mind you, these figures were clocked in Singapore, through various driving conditions including peak hour traffic.

Part of the appeal of Toyota's hybrid system, aside from being insanely efficient, is also the fact that the system has been refined over years and years of fine tuning. The result shows, as the hybrid system is one of the most seamless in the way that it cuts in and out. Most times, if you aren't particularly paying attention, you'll hardly know when the engine kicks in. This is worth mentioning because although it is 2023, not every automaker has spent the time and effort to refine a hybrid system, and to be honest, not many other brands come close to the refinement of Toyota's hybrid system.

Who Will it Appeal to?

The Corolla Cross Hybrid is a great all rounder, which will appeal to consumers who feel reassured by the pedigree and dependability of a Corolla, but packaged in a much more youthful way. Young families who utilise the car heavily for errands and have their mind on other living costs should also find that the efficiency of the Corolla Cross Hybrid a key selling point.


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