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2024 BMW i5 eDrive40 Review Singapore

The 2024 BMW i5 eDrive40 is the all electric version of the popular BMW 5 Series, now into its 8th generation. Featuring an 81.2 kWh battery pack with 335 bhp and 400Nm of torque powering the car in a rear wheel drive configuration, the i5 goes from 0-100km/h in 6 seconds. The BMW i5 also comes equipped with the latest BMW OS 8.5 with quick select widgets.

Modern & Futuristic Styling

Now in its 8th generation, the G60 5 Series platform is the first BMW 5 Series platform that has had to accommodate both a petrol and electric version of the popular business sedan. Consequently, the design of the car is also something that has had to straddle the more traditional demographic of 5 Series buyers and the newer generation i5 buyers. The result is a design that feels quite modern and technologically focussed.

On the outside, there is a futuristic vibe to the design with plenty of angular design features. My favourite feature however, has got to be the emphasised curves on the front bonnet near the BMW emblem, which gives the car some much needed attitude on an otherwise demure looking car. In this transitional phase of electrification, I find that I am still getting used to the newer design languages. Much like many other options on the market, the i5 is not particularly aggressive or classy, and as a result looks softer in its demeanour than any generation before it. For those who are new to the BMW brand, this will be seen as a good thing - a design that caters to many tastes. For existing 5 series drivers like myself, it feels like the design lacks a little bit of character.

The Largest 5 Series Yet

As with all cars today, the G60 has grown to match previous generations of the 7 Series. In fact, the length of the new G60 is just approximately 3cm short of the G11 7 Series. The bottom line? The BMW i5 is a rather large car by any measure, and with it comes an elevated level of luxury and comfort. For starter's the new seats on the i5 are tremendously comfortable, providing a great balance between a soft and plush seat with one that still provides excellent support. A comfort access feature helps elevate the driver experience to another level.

Space utilisation in the i5's cabin has also been somewhat optimised and there is more generous legroom than any 5 series before it. However, due to a shared platform with the petrol powered 5 series, the i5 does not benefit from a flat floor in the 2nd row, as the transmission hump still exists despite there being no real need for it. It's not a deal breaker, as the i5 is after all a luxury sedan and does its best work carrying 2 at the back. However, if you're in the market for an EV with a flat 2nd row to comfortably carry 3 in the back, this might be a little bit of a compromise. All that said, the i5 is still a wonderfully luxurious vehicle to be in with solid build quality and plush materials all around.

An Authentic BMW Driving Experience

For some time now, I've felt that BMW have done the best job at making their EV's feel like their petrol powered counterparts. This is a good thing in my opinion, as we are still in a transitionary phase between ICE vehicles and EVs. Having an EV that feels quite similar to its petrol counterpart should then go some way in helping owners make the switch without too much adjustment to the driving dynamics of the vehicle. The i5 is no different, and aside from a more torquey powertrain and smoother drivetrain, the i5 does not feel too dissimilar to the petrol powered 5 series. It's commendable, as the added weight of the i5 should have messed with this equation, but it hasn't.

Handling and body control are still traits that are positively present in the i5, and while nobody expects the i5 to handle like an i4, the 5 series range of cars has always been the middle ground for BMW, providing that balance between agility and comfort found in the 3 and 7 Series respectively. Put it simply, the 5 Series has to be the best of both worlds, and I think the i5 and 520 both fill this role commendably. I'll be honest and say that I'm not the biggest fan of BMW's newer designs, but I find great solace in knowing that the cars still provide an authentic BMW driving experience that is fill with positive driving dynamics.

Who will it Appeal to?

Priced at just a smidge more than the petrol powered 520, I think the i5 will attract existing 5 series owners who are looking to go electric. After all, the G60 is also the first 5 series that is offered in both petrol and electric drivetrains, which will definitely appeal to 5 series owners who may have previously wanted an EV, but did not have that option. The relatively small difference in price and expected reduction in running cost down the line should also be greatly incentivising.


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