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2024 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450 4MATIC SUV Review Singapore

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is Mercedes' new flagship electric SUV, sitting atop the Mercedes-EQ range of cars. The Mercede-Benz EQS 450 4 MATIC variant is equipped with a 108.4kWh battery pack and dual electric motors driving power to all four wheels in an all wheel drive configuration that is good for 360nhp and 800Nm of torque. Inside, the car is equipped with the lastest Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System, Burmester Sound System speakers, and the MBUX Hyperscreen that is equipped with Apple Carplay, Android Auto, controllable through a multi function steering wheel.

Big, Bold, but Classy

Aesthetically, the EQS SUV shares the same design DNA from the EQS sedan and there is a clear resemblance to the rest of the Mercedes-EQ range of electric vehicles. As the flagship electric SUV, the EQS SUV is a large car with plenty of road presence - commanding in its stature, and premium in its execution. Even with its large dimensions, the EQS SUV isn't brutish, and pulls off a classiness that is rather effortless. This is large due to the car's softer and rounder design features that helps the EQS SUV take a more regal route to its presence as opposed to a more rugged and sporty one.

It's a good look in our opinion, as the aesthetic feels more in line with the class and luxury more commonly associated with the Mercedes brand. Furthermore, the fact that the EQS SUV is an EV, makes the styling make a lot of sense. If you're in the market for a large, luxurious SUV, but don't really gravitate toward the Land Rover type template, the EQS SUV might be the car that best delivers a luxurious and premium route to road presence.

Premium Comfort

Open the doors to the cabin, and you'll immediately find that the cabin is as luxurious and classy as the exterior - if not more. The cabin is of course headlined by the Mercedes MBUX system which for the first time ever in any car, comes equipped with Dolby Atmos Surround Sound compatibility via Apple Music - a real treat for music aficionados who value superior sound quality to accompany an ultra comfortable ride. The system is powered through excellent Burmester speakers which are some of the best in the industry at the moment, and really does add a sheen of luxury to an otherwise already well appointed cabin that possesses generous use of premium materials all around.

On the go, the EQS SUV is an extremely refined cruiser, delivering top notch ride comfort to both driver and passengers. For a car this size, body roll is also well managed and well sorted. Overall, there is a composed nature to the ride of the EQS SUV, thanks to top notch air suspension that is fitted to the car as standard. Relatively quick for its size, the EQS SUV wafts over the roads with ease and irons out imperfections in the road without fuss, ensuring that the journey of everybody on board feels premium and effortless.

A Flagship Redefined

While the traditional flagship of the Mercedes-Benz brand has always been the S-Class, the EQS , and now the EQS SUV have really helped to redefine the idea of a Mercedes flagship - not just from a performance standpoint, but also in terms of image. For starters, a traditional S-Class has always been positioned as a chauffeur-driven car, with elaborate passenger controls available in the rear seats of the vehicle. The EQS and EQS SUV however, do not. While both cars would prove to be wonderful chauffeur-driven cars as well, there is a sense that Mercedes-Benz have angled these new EV offerings to be more driver focussed - to an extent.

Additionally, there is the topic of image. While S-Classes have a traditional and regal appeal that have appealed to the older demographic for many years, the EQS range feels younger and arguably feels less tedious to the young, affluent business owner. In the past, where a young and affluent business owner may have avoided the S-Class for fear of being associated with the wrong demographic, the EQS range opens a door for these individuals to step into the luxurious world of Mercedes-Benz. The fact that the EQS range is a pure EV also adds a layer of youth and modernism to the equation.

Who will it Appeal to?

For starters, the EQS SUV is a wonderfully luxurious EV that will appeal to those who are seeking the highest level of luxury in an EV. Until Rolls Royce and Bentley can come up with a full EV SUV, the EQS SUV sit at the top of this echelon, as BMW's IX and Audi's Q8 e-tron sitting a segment and a price point lower than the EQS SUV.


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