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Car Insurance Premiums vs Excess - What to Consider?

When purchasing car insurance, especially comprehensive insurance, considering the policies and their corresponding premiums vs excess is of great relevance to the consumer. This is because the premium will be the amount you need to pay up front to activate the car insurance policy, while the excess is the amount you'll have to pay to to repair your own vehicle if claiming under your own insurance. It is also important to take note of your premiums before and after the application of your NCD (no claims discount), where applicable. To get car insurance quotes from most major insurance companies in Singapore, enquire here.

Insurance Premiums

Based on the information that you provide during your enquiry for a car insurance quote, each insurance company will provide you with a quotation on how much premium you'll have to pay to be insured by them. This is effectively the amount of money you will have to pay in order to get insured for the coming year of coverage, and will vary from insurance company to company. As it can be quite troublesome and tiring to source many different quotes from different motor insurance companies to compare, we provide a one stop motor insurance platform where you will only need to send in one enquiry, after which we will produce motor insurance quotes from all the leading motor insurance companies in Singapore. These will be presented in an easy to compare table for your reference. Unfortunately, there is no way to estimate a quote and the fastest and easiest way is to enquire for a free quote here and see for yourself what your insurance premiums might look like. Obviously, the cheaper the premiums, the better it is. However, do consider that lower insurance premiums can sometimes come with higher excess amounts which would be payable in the event of an incident.

Insurance Excess

Unlike car insurance premiums which you pay upfront to activate coverage of your insurance plan, insurance excess is the amount you'll have to pay only in the event that you will need to make a claim on your own insurance to repair your own car after an incident. As such, insurance excess is something that you may or may not have to pay for - and hopefully not! As a general rule of thumb, higher insurance premiums usually lead to lower excess, and lower insurance premiums generally lead to higher excess, so its important to consider the premium value and excess values holistically and in relation to one another.

Additional Drivers

Another way that motor insurance premiums can sometimes be lowered, is with higher excess values pegged to additional drivers, additional young drivers, or additional elderly drivers. Typically, the excess for these higher risk groups of drivers would be higher than the excess warranted for the main driver. Though this might be normal, it should also not be exorbitant and should be within market rates. How do you know if the rates quoted are within market rates? Simple - get a quote from us and we'll provide you with our easy to view side by side comparison table of quotations for easy reference and comparison.

What to Choose?

When it comes to which motor insurance policy to choose, it all comes down to your specific needs and scenarios. For example, if you are a very careful driver with an impeccable driving history, you might want to consider paying less premiums upfront and take on a hypothetically higher excess which you might never activate. Another example would be if you do not have additional drivers in your family, you could then disregard the additional driver excess and select your preferred can insurance policy based on the premium. To get a free quote for your car insurance in Singapore, simply fill up the enquiry form here.


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