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How to Get Car Insurance Online?

Getting your car insurance renewed online is easier today than ever before. Gone are the days where you are required to contact each individual insurance company or a broker and submit all your details such as your years of driving experience, NCD amount, and personal particulars. After this somewhat lengthy process, you then receive a manually generated quotation for the renewal of your car insurance. This process can be tedious, and the different quotations you receive from different insurance companies can be hard to compare side by side. Today, with just one online submission, you can get the most competitive car insurance renewal quotes in one single document, allowing you to easily compare motor insurance specifications such as your yearly premium, insurance excess, NCD protector, and other insurance details. Here is how you can utilise this hassle free method to attain insurance quotes from all the leading car insurance companies with just ONE SINGLE SUBMISSION.

1. Submit Your Details Online

To kickstart the process of renewing your car insurance for the coming year, you should first fill up the online form to provide you with the details of your insurance renewal enquiry. Typically, this is where you will be asked to provide information such as your car registration number, your current NCD level, your identification number, and your years of driving experience. Additionally, some insurance companies also require you to submit an image of your driving license, so as to verify your actual years of driving experience. If you're interested to take a look at our insurance renewal form to see what sort of details are required for a quotation - click here.

2. Wait For Your Insurance Quote

After receiving your information via the online car insurance renewal enquiry form, your information, in particular your years of driving experience, prior claims history, and NCD amount will be cross checked for verification, after which, your insurance quote can be produced and sent to you. While most physical brokers may only provide a few quotes at a time, online brokers like Road Pilgrim Insurance will be able to provide you a comprehensive list of insurance quotes in an easy to compare, side by side comparison table. This takes away the hassle of having to compare different quotes on your own and risk overlooking certain details. In some cases, we are even able to source up to 10 quotes from the top insurance companies in Singapore. Talk about convenience!

3. Decide On Your Preferred Insurance Quote

Based on your years of driving experience, claim history, and NCD percentage, the quotes will contain a few key specifications. The most important ones would be your motor insurance premium and your excess. The other specifications that are usually quite standardised is your eligibility for NCD protector (if applicable), windscreen excess and entitlements, and young driver excess (if applicable). Based on these specifications, you can decide what best suits your needs and choose the most suitable insurance quote. To understand more about motor insurance premiums versus insurance excess, click here.

4. Make Payment & Await Your Insurance Letter

After decided which insurance quote you'd like, simply make payment via the various payment methods offered in the insurance quotation (usually people use PayNow). Once the insurance premium payment is accepted and the policy has been accepted by the insurance company, the insurance letter will be sent to you, first digitally, followed by a physical letter to your registered home address. The insurance letter will stipulate the actual start date of the new insurance period, and will automatically be in place once your current insurance expires.


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