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How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance in Singapore?

There are many factors to be considered when looking for the cheapest car insurance in Singapore, and the price of car insurance plans and corresponding car insurance premiums will vary depending on factors such as yours years of experience as a driver, the type of car you wish to insure, the amount of no-claim discount (NCD) you have in your name, as well as your insurance claim history. As such the concept of cheap car insurance is relative to all these factors and car insurance plans should only be compared based on the same driver and same car. That said, with the vast amount car insurance companies and auto insurance options out there, it can be quite difficult to find the most affordable insurance plan for yourself. Here is a quick and hassle free way to get the cheapest car insurance in Singapore.

Get a Side by Side Insurance Quote

With so many car insurance companies out there, the best way to get the best rates is to compare the car insurance quotes from as many leading insurance companies as possible in order to find the cheapest car insurance premiums and save money. A good way to do this is to get a side by side insurance quote through us. When you enquire with us, we do the legwork to source the best insurance quotes from our network of insurance companies, after which we'll send you an official quote which lists all the best insurance quotes from leading insurers in Singapore such as Allianz, NTUC Income, Etiqa, Budget Direct, ECICS, China Taiping, and many more.

With this easy to compare side by side quote, you'll be able to easily compare the insurance premiums proposed, the excess amounts, the NCD amount, NCD protector applicability, and other relevant pieces of information, making it super easy for you to compare car insurance quotes across various auto insurance companies. You can then simply choose your preferred insurance plan and make payment for it. Is your insurance renewal coming up soon? If so, click here to enquire our best rates.

Things to Consider

While getting the cheapest insurance quote is important, there are sometimes more things to consider than just the car insurance premium. For instance, some extremely low premiums are accompanied by higher excess fees, which may prove to be a bit of a blind spot if you should get into any sort of incident. Other factors like your type of insurance, NCD protector, and list of authorised workshops are also somethings worth considering. If you'd like to find out more about what you need to consider when choosing your car insurance, check out this useful guide here.


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