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Volkswagen Electric Cars ID.4 & ID.4 GTX, and Skoda Enyaq: First Drive in Singapore

Based off Volkswagen Group's MEB platform, the Volkswagen ID.4 and the dual motor, all wheel drive ID.4 GTX will be the first Volkswagen electric cars to hit the Singapore market, alongside the Skoda Enyaq, all of which take the form of electric SUVs. The introduction of these new electric vehicles usher in a new era of Skoda and Volkswagen electric passenger cars, and are expected to go on sale in late 2023. Starting prices have yet to be confirmed.

The electric revolution in Singapore is well under way, with more consumers making the switch to EVs in tandem with more EV chargers being built all around Singapore. However, this all still feels a little bit like a warm up act, with Volkswagen & Toyota, two of the world's largest automakers, yet to put down firm roots in Singapore.

It seems however, that we are getting closer to seeing Volkswagen and Skoda's actual entry into the Singapore market, where during a media event organised by Volkswagen Group Singapore held at Love Handle Singapore, we were given the opportunity to test drive Volkswagen electric cars like the ID.4 and ID.4 GTX, as well as the Skoda Enyaq, Skoda's first electric car. This test drive is in anticipation for when the cars eventually go on sale in Singapore, allowing us to form some first impressions (and expectations).

Same Same but Different

Aside from the fact that all three cars are built on the MEB platform, Volkswagen's electric car platform evolved from the extremely successful MQB platform, it is probably not surprising that all three cars take the form of an SUV - after all, it seems like almost every brand's debut electric vehicle is an SUV these days - a move that no doubt underlines the popularity of SUVs among consumers today. Prior to the drive, the expectation was that all three cars would feel quite similar, as all were SUVs that are built on the same platform. However, this was not to be the case.

First Impressions: Skoda Enyaq (Most Comfortable)

The Enyaq is a family sized SUV that offers consumers a plush ride, excellent cabin space, and a very well dressed interior with some "simply clever" touches. The car feels larger than its ID.4 cousin, with a more elevated cabin and higher seating position. The car feels plush to drive, and feels large on the road. Interior is well appointed with plenty of soft touch finishes made from vegan leather. Feels like a car that is more in tune with the sustainability narrative.

First Impressions: Volkswagen ID.4 GTX (Quickest)

Technically the fastest car of the lot, with a dual motor, all wheel drive configuration. The GTX is a nice car to drive, offering good direct steering and a firm, sporty ride, but aside from sportier seats and GTX badging, the car does feels a little too undifferentiated from the standard ID.4 though, and doesn't actually feel a whole lot faster than the standard car. Hopefully, the actual car to go on sale will be equipped with higher specifications for a more rapid drive, or the GTX branding may lose some of the appeal that the GTI garnered.

First Impressions: Volkswagen ID.4 (Best Overall)

Not the fastest of the three cars, nor the most plush among the three, I expected the ID.4 to feel like the forgotten middle child of the bunch. However, it turned out to be my favourite drive that day and completely stole the show in my opinion. The car felt extremely comfortable to be in, and immediately felt more planted and direct than the Skoda Enyaq. Despite having less power than the GTX, the rear wheel drive configuration of the ID.4 gave it a very pleasant disposition on the road, resulting in a car that feels composed and coherently put together.

All three cars are expected to go on sale in Singapore at the end of 2023, with first customer deliveries in 2024. There are no indicative prices yet.


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