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Lexus LM Debuts in Singapore Market

The all-new Lexus LM debuts in Singapore as the marque’s flagship MPV becomes available for the first time in Singapore. Inspired by the world of private jets and the ultra-rich, the LM seeks to provide class-leading ride quality and luxury on four wheels. Lexus Chief Engineer Mr. Takami Yokoo was also brought down from Japan to talk about the LM. The LM350h produces a respectable 244hp from a 2.5L Inline-4 Hybrid.

The Lexus LM brings about the latest take on the Lexus Spindle Grill, which is now painted in the exterior colour to blend it into the body. Although the exterior has seen a revised look, it’s the interior that Lexus has really pushed boundaries on in-car luxuries. With Lexus’ brand’s pursuit on “Making Luxury Personal” the LM Debuts with the “Rear Climate Concierge”, that allows the passenger to configure their cabin environment down to the lighting and seat position. A 14-inch ceiling-mounted HD screen paired with a 21- Speaker Mark Levinson system should allow you to easily host meeting or conference calls while you’re commuting.

The GA-K platform that the Lexus is based on ensures structural rigidity and reduced vibrations that passengers would normally experience, the seats have been specially redesigned to stabilise body posture and reduce head movement to reduce motion sickness. The LM also features an “ AVS Suspension with Frequency-Sensitive Piston Valve” and a “Rear Comfort” drive mode. The suspension is able to dampen and reduce vibration on most frequencies that doesn’t compromise on the ride quality, even at speed. The Lexus LM is the amalgamation of all of Lexus’ development on improving ride quality and safety into one big, bold, package. The LM 350h is currently only offered in the 7-seater configuration, and will start at SGD 510,800 before COE.


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