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The Ultimate Porsche Driving Experience at the Porsche World Roadshow Singapore 2023

When you think of the ultimate Porsche Driving Experience, the Porsche World Roadshow definitely comes to mind. Not only does one get the chance to get behind the wheel of a Porsche, you also get to test drive an entire fleet of the latest Porsche sports cars such as the 911 Turbo S, 911 GT4RS, 911 Carrera 4s, Taycan Turbo S, 718 Boxter, 718 Cayman GTS, Cayenne Turbo, Cayenne GTS, and many more. Follow us as we experience the Porsche World Roadshow in Singapore as we hone our driving skills through braking and slalom courses, off roading obstacles, and a Porsche track experience. Also witness the launch of the Porsche 911 GT3RS right here in Singapore.

Background & Context

Automakers around the world choose to market their brands and reach out to their potential customers in a multitude of different ways. In the case of Porsche, a huge part of that outreach is done through driving experiences, which are not only designed to bring out the best in the amazing vehicles that they produce, but also to bring such experiences out of the showroom and closer to the end consumer.

Out of the many different driving experience on offer by Porsche all around the world, the Porsche World Roadshow is one of the most important and established experiences, and has been run in 45 different countries and counting. We are glad to have been invited by Porsche Asia Pacific and Porsche Singapore to spend our day at the Singapore Edition of the Porsche World Roadshow (PWRS) not only test driving some of the latest Porsche models on offer, but also to put them through a series of specially curated tasks such as the slalom, braking, off-roading, a road tour, as well as on track handling.

Highlights of PWRS Singapore

Aside from the Singapore unveiling of the 911 GT3RS track weapon and being able to witness its 6 foot rear wing in all its glory, the highlight of the roadshow has got to be the track handling course where we get to track an entire lineup of 911 models through a tight course of hairpins and straights. Although we weren't allowed in the GT3RS, we were able to get behind the wheel of the GT4RS and a Turbo S - both serious speed weapons in the right hands, but completely different in feel and setup.

While it was fun punching these beautifully built performance vehicles through the course, I must admit that the enlightening part about this experience wasn't the speed, the brutality, or the excitement of the drive. Instead, it was the realisation of how different and how unique each 911 felt - made apparent when you get the opportunity to try these different models back to back. While not the fastest by a long shot, I found that I personally enjoyed driving the Carrera 4s, which I felt could be the best daily driver of the lot.

Another noteworthy part of the experience had to be the braking station, where we got a chance to launch the lightning quick 911 Turbo S to a certain distance marker before slamming on the ceramic brakes to experience the immense stopping power of the car. We also got to experience this in a Taycan Turbo S while riding shotgun with a Porsche instructor - an unforgettable experience due to the sheer ferocity and brutality of the acceleration.

How Can You be a Part of This?

Aside from the Porsche World Roadshow, Porsche also runs various other driving experiences around the world, such as a full on track experience, ice driving in Finland, as well as other experiences that you'll need to keep up to date with as they come along. Most of these events are open for sale as a ticketed slot, but these are quite limited so do stay in touch with your local Porsche dealer to get wind of such experiences.


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