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2023 MG 4 EV Singapore Review

The 2023 MG4 EV is an all new electric powered hatchback that follows the success of the MG ZS EV, but utilises an all new modular scalable platform that delivers safety, efficiency, and driver engagement. The car comes with a 64 kWh long range battery in the form of the trophy long range, that drives power to the rear wheels for an engaging and assured rear wheel drive experience. Despite being a hatchback, the MG 4 doesn't feel entry level, and drives like a much more mature car, and actually functions quite well as a family car as well. Standard features include Apple Carplay and Android Auto, multi function steering wheel, lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control.

Good Looking Exterior

While most entry level cars possess a certain utilitarian flavour to their design, the MG 4's design feels well articulated and quite deliberate. Beauty is of course a subjective thing, but the MG 4 has a few key design features that help it to look modern and futuristic. The sharp and aggressive front fascia is pleasing to look at, and does a great job at looking good without a front grille - something that unfortunately not all EVs have managed to do as well as the MG 4.

At the rear, there is a beautifully sculpted tail lamp design that stretches across the back of the car and gives the MG 4 a very sporty look, almost as if the tail lamps are supposed to double up as rear spoilers. Incidentally, the MG 4 also has a set of actual roof spoilers that resemble an F-14 Tomcat's swept back wings. Overall, the MG 4 looks very sporty, a big plus in a segment full of dulled down and blanked out EV designs.

Simple & Futuristic Interior

The modern theme continues into the interior of the MG 4, and while material use does feel a little bit rudimentary, everything feels relatively well put together, and combines to form an uncluttered interior that feels both minimalistic and futuristic. Built quality is decent, and panels feel well put together, along with a hefty feeling door.

Front and centre sits the touchscreen infotainment unit, which doesn't do anything special per se, but the system does have a pretty decent rear view camera that I would consider to be good for a car in this segment. The MG 4 also comes with a form of a 360 degree view camera that is very useful and is usually found in more upmarket cars.

Handles Well

Technology and design aside, the best thing about the MG 4 is probably the way it drives. Thanks to its rear wheel drive format, the car handles very well in corners, and produces that "slingshot" feeling that is typical in rear wheel drive cars. Combine this with the MG 4's 201 bhp and 250Nm of torque, and you get a car that is quite capable of producing some rather joyful driving moments.

Despite being rather accomplished at the playing the part of a hot hatch, the MG 4 is also surprisingly comfortable and assured at cruising speeds where the car feels planted and steering feels well weighted. Combine this with a decent amount of legroom for rear passengers, the MG 4 is just as capable of taking on longer road trips as it is at handling short commutes around town.

Who Will it Appeal to?

While the MG 4's power rating means that it sits within Category B COE, and therefore isn't a particularly cheap EV to buy. It does however comfortably outperform most of the Category A EVs in the market, and in my opinion, will appeal to consumers who are conscious about driving dynamics, and are looking to try out their first EV before embarking on something more high end in the long term.


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