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2023 ORA Good Cat 03 Review Singapore

The 2023 ORA Good Cat 03 is the latest electric hatchback to hit the Singapore market after its success in Thailand and Malaysia. The car packs a 63kWh battery that is good for 141bhp and entitles the Good Cat 03 electric to CAT A COE. The car packs many premium functions such as ventilated front seats with massage function, intelligent cruise control, automatic parking, 360 degree view camera with transparent chassis, lane departure warning and lane keep assist, as well as a 10.25 inch infotainment unit.

Retro Modern Styling

With an influx of new electric vehicles hitting the Singapore market these days, we have no shortage of options when it comes to EVs of all sizes. It's a good thing then that the ORA Good Cat is unique in its styling, helping it to stand out, not just among its direct competitors, but across the board. Armed with a retro-modern styling and design, the Good Cat is quite easily the most eye catching car to hit the roads in recent weeks. While out on my test drive, I received many stares and many questions about the car - part of it due to the car's endearing nature, and part of it due to the fact that a bearded, tattooed man was driving a light beige hatchback that bordered on pink. Either way, the Good Cat is eye catching, and for the fashionistas among you who desire a car that can keep up with your appearances, this is as good as cars come for now.

The retro modern styling extends into the interior as well, and depending on the exterior colour you choose, the interior is fitted with a different, colour coordinated scheme - a nice touch considering the price point of the Good Cat. Of course, the directly competing BYD Dolphin also accords buyers this luxury, but its evident that the Good Cat is the better looking car both inside and out. Featuring analog style switches on the centre console, the Good Cat employs a clever use of colours and materials. The materials aren't actually very premium, but the Good Cat finds a clever way to make them look more premium than the materials actually are.

Well Equipped & Well Sized

Getting into the car, one of the key components that help the car feel extra premium is actually the touch screen infotainment unit and the digital driver's display, which have been neatly combined into one housing. This housing rests nicely within a cutout in the dash that makes the entire setup look very deliberate and therefore premium. There is a nice finish to the digital screens as well, featuring a matt finish surface that proved to be rather fingerprint resistant under heavy usage.

It's not all show and no game in the Good Cat either. Within the infotainment unit, you find a number of tech goodies that you'd normally find on more expensive cars. For starters, you'll find that the Good Cat comes with some form of a 360 degree camera, along with a "see through floor" view that helps you see beneath the car. However, a personal favourite feature of mine would have to be the ventilated seats and massage seats, which worked well and pampered me for most of my drive. Up until now, such features in an entry level vehicle would have been unheard of. Elsewhere, the Good Cat features generous cabin space for its footprint, and provides passengers with excellent rear legroom, although this does come at a cost to boot space, which is below average.

Composed & Relaxed on the Road

Looking at the Good Cat, it would be easy to assume that the car would be zippy and agile like the BYD Dolphin. For some reason however, it is not. Instead, the Good Cat seems to favour longer relaxed drives out of town. At speed, the Good Cat offers good cruising comfort, and has the adequate power to pull through to 120km/h quite easily before topping out at 150km/h. The ride is also reminiscent of a larger car as opposed to a small hatchback.

While this is all well and good, there is a sense that the steering ratios on the Good Cat do seem a little lower, contributing to a slow rack and a very laid back steering feel. Those who desire sharper and more dynamic steering for in-town driving might have to spend a little time getting used to the Good Cat. However, this slower rack does bode well for longer more relaxed drives where the car isn't as sensitive to micro steering inputs to the wheel, which in a way makes for a more comfortable drive over longer distances.

Who will it Appeal to?

Clearly, style and design are big selling points of the ORA Good Cat, and I think discerning young buyers with a desire for something a little more stylish or unique than the next car will enjoy what the Good Cat has to offer. At its price point and the equipment provided in the car, it also represents good value for money for those looking to get the most out of their money.


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