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2024 BMW iX1 Review Singapore

The 2024 BMW iX1 is the latest electric vehicle in the BMW lineup and takes the form of a compact Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV). Powered by a 64.8kWh battery pack with up to 474km of range, the iX1 features a single electric motor producing 148bhp and 250Nm of torque, giving the iX1 a 0-100km/h time of 10.5 seconds. Inside, there is a 10.7" touchscreen infotainment unit, a full digital driver's display, and multi-function steering wheel.

Sharp Looks & Premium Feel

For those of you who have seen the iX1 out and about on the roads, it is difficult to deny that the car is good looking car from any angle. Almost identical to the X1, save for its blanked out front grille, the iX1 possesses nicely cut angles, premium finishes, and actually resembles an old X3 in terms of size - showing just how much cars have grown in just a few generations. All around the car, there are sharp, modern touches with an appropriate use of matt chrome, giving the car a more futuristic look. Combined, the iX1's larger size and sharp angles give the car a good level of road presence - noticeably more than the iX1 / X1's predecessor.

When it comes to visual appeal, its not just quantity over quality as well. Overall, the iX1 looks expensive and premium from most angles. Personally, the rear end is the most appealing, boasting an extremely premium looking set of tail lamps. Finished in a matt-ish, smokey effect, the tail lamps ooze premium appeal, and really does help to elevate what is already a very good looking car.

Well Specified & Packaged

Aside from having an all electric drivetrain, which is modern in and on its own, the car is fitted with many of the goodies and tech you would find on BMW's more premium options as well. Just like its larger stablemates, the iX1 boasts an integrated curved display that houses a 10.7" touchscreen infotainment unit and a 10.25" digital driver's display side by side. Within the system, driver aids like the commendable reverse assistant and lateral parking assistant also come as standard.

In terms of its drivetrain, the iX1 is well thought out and well specified for the Singaporean market, resisting the urge to pack a whole lot of horsepower into the car. Housing a 64.8kWh battery pack and a single electric motor which drives power to the front wheels, the iX1 produces a road tax friendly 148 bhp, while managing a purposeful and breezy 250Nm of torque and a 0-100km/h time of 10.5 seconds. In reality, the iX1 feels quicker than its century sprint timing would suggests, and feels effortless to drive. With a range of up to 474km on a single charge, the iX1 offers consumers an excellent balance between range, power, and road tax.

Class Leading & Desirable

The result of striking such a good balance is that the iX1 is probably one of the most well rounded cars in its segment, going up against the Mercedes-Benz EQA and the upcoming Audi Q4 e-tron. Though not the cheapest or the largest, the iX1 feels like the most suitable car for use in Singapore, giving consumers access to the smoothness and quietness of an electric drivetrain, without going overboard with horsepower and spiking the road tax obligations as a result.

With its good looks and well specified drivetrain, the iX1 is extremely desirable as a car. Incidentally, the iX1 is also BMW's first EV that falls within the price segment of mere mortals like us, taking the unofficial mantle as the first BMW EV that the mass market can even consider - after the much pricier iX, iX3, i4, i5, and i7 options. The idea of a practical, good looking, BMW branded EV in today's market is in my opinion, a winning recipe and will no doubt attract a lot of consumers who are willing to spend beyond the traditional options of a Tesla or BYD, but are not quite ready to cross the $300,000 threshold for more premium BMW EVs.

Who will it Appeal to?

For any young family that has valued the premium badging offered by the BMW brand, and are in tune with the industry's shift towards EVs, the iX1 is a top contender and should definitely be considered. It's sensible, good looking, practical, and a very appealing car overall.


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