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2024 Lexus RZ Electric Review Singapore

The 2024 Lexus RZ is the first group up EV released by Lexus and takes the form of a mid sized family SUV that is powered by a 71.4kWh battery pack with a 440km range on a single charge. Dual electric motors in an all wheel drive setup that provides 308bhp and 435Nm of torque, enabling the RZ to go from 0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds. Inside, the RZ is equipped with a 14" touchscreen infotainment unit along with a Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System with 13 speakers.

Quintessential Lexus Design Language

As Lexus' first ground up EV, many would expect a more unique and distinctive exterior design. However, Lexus have resisted the urge to go radical on the design and have kept with a design language that is quintessentially Lexus. While the car doesn't possess the same traditional spindle grille found on Lexus' petrol powered options, the RZ's blanked out front end bears strong resemblance to the spindle grille, and the front end looks very similar to a Lexus NX - both in terms of dimensions and design. Even the satin chrome wheels that come standard on the RZ are quite distinctively Lexus.

Inside, a current season Lexus multi-function steering wheel accompanied by a 14 inch touchscreen infotainment unit that is equipped with Apple Carplay and Android Auto do enough to remind us that we are in a Lexus. Other uniquely Lexus features found on the RZ include the button press door handle which are found on the rest of Lexus range. While the absence of leather seats does detach a little from the Lexus luxury experience, other premium features like the superb Mark Levinson sound system really do elevate the cabin experience of the RZ.

Well Sized For a Family

Generally speaking, the RZ feels like it weighs in at a really good size - one that is suitable for the typical family in Singapore, without overkilling on space and dimensions, therefore striking a good balance between cabin space and overall car dimensions. Measuring just a tad longer than a BMW X3, the RZ's footprint is reasonable and should be easy enough to manage for most drivers in Singapore.

In terms of cabin space, headroom and legroom and generous for a car of this size and will accommodate most passengers with ease, along with a rearward facing child seat. A flat 2nd row floor also proves to be conducive for accommodating three passengers in the rear, while a 550L cargo capacity is competitive for its segment.

A Composed & Premium Drive

While a Lexus is typically expected to be quiet and comfortable, those do seem like points of parity for an electric vehicle. Despite that, the RZ still finds a way to set itself apart from the competition and somehow feels quieter and more insulated than most of its competition. Even the electric whir from its dual electric motors somehow feel quieter - a subjective point at best, but nonetheless one that is noticeable.

Despite not running on air suspension like other comparable continental options, the RZ is remarkably comfortable and springy, yet somehow manages to retain good levels of body control and road manners - a good thing, considering that the RZ is capable of a 0-100km/h time of 5.3 seconds via dual electric motors that produce 308bhp and 435Nm of torque. Thanks to a softer suspension set up, there is a high level of comfort when going over humps and irregular road surfaces, but pleasantly retains its composure under heavy acceleration and braking, where the RZ does not lunge or squat too much.

Who will it Appeal to?

The Lexus RZ will appeal to anyone who has a strong appreciation for the perception of luxury and reliability typically associated with Lexus - more so if they happen to be in the market for an EV. The car feels premium, is styled with strong Lexus design DNA, and is pleasant to drive. For those looking for value though, it must be said that for the price of the Lexus RZ, there are larger and equally luxurious options in the market for consideration.


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